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Adept's Mistwalker Jacket (T4)

Adept's Mistwalker Jacket

Item Power: 1075



Mend Wounds

Bandage yourself while [other]not[/other] engaged in [other]combat[/other], [other]slowing[/other] yourself by [other]{4}[/other] while [other]channeling[/other] for [other]{0}[/other]. Restores [heal]{1}[/heal] of your [heal]Max Health[/heal] (not affected by your Healing Cast modifier) and [other]{2}[/other] of your [other]Max Energy[/other] every [other]{3}[/other]. Energy Cost: § [other]0[/other] Cast Time: § [other]0[/other] Channel Time: § [other]X[/other] Range: § [other]0[/other] Cooldown: § [other]30[/other]

Inferno Shield

Cover yourself with a flaming shield, increasing your [buff]damage resistances[/buff] by [buff]0.25[/buff] for [buff]8 seconds[/buff]. [dmg]Reflects 0.38[/dmg] of incoming damage as [dmg]magical damage[/dmg]. Energy Cost: § [other]10[/other] Cast Time: § [other]0[/other] Range: § [other]0[/other] Cooldown: § [other]40[/other]

Mist Cloud

Turn into a Mist Cloud with a [other]7 radius[/other], granting [buff]immunity[/buff] to [buff]All Effects[/buff] and [other]slowing[/other] yourself by [other]-0.2[/other]. Allies inside the Mist turn [buff]invisible[/buff]. (Attacking, using an ability, or interacting with an object will reveal yourself or allies temporarily). The ability can last up to [other]5 seconds[/other] but can be [other]deactivated earlier[/other]. Energy Cost: § [other]0.16[/other] Cast Time: § [other]0[/other] Range: § [other]0[/other] Cooldown: § [other]45[/other]

Balanced Mind

Increases all your [buff]damage[/buff] and your [buff]Healing Cast[/buff], by [buff]0.04[/buff]. Increases [buff]Defense[/buff] by [buff]0.02[/buff].


Increases your [buff]Auto-Attack Speed[/buff] by [buff]0.12[/buff].

Quick Thinker

Increases your [buff]Cooldown Rate[/buff] by [buff]0.05[/buff].